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Higher Self Speaks

"The further you spiral up, soaring freely, swiftly moving into higher states of consciousness, the less you will depend on external sources, including other humans for guidance and knowledge. Everything you require to navigate the infinite worlds available to you as a multidimensional being of light, can be found within you. Your inner guidance system within you will become fully activated and more powerful over time the more you uncover the many layers of yourself, stripping away lifetimes of deeply embedded cellular programming and stepping out of the mind control and ego-workings of the 3D Matrix. You move back into your body again, operating from your heart space, pulling in all of the fragments of your soul that have left your vessel with each trauma that you've experienced during this life time and past lives. Through your ascension and soul expansion you heal the broken pieces of yourself, becoming whole and one with everyone and everything within the Universe, connecting back to Source. You are remembering all that you are, all that you have to offer the world, and anchoring in more light into your physical body, cascading powerful energy and love across the planet, as you heal every aspect of you. Many of you are willingly receiving Divine Feminine Light Code activations stirring up dormant DNA, and allowing you to deep dive and journey to the depths of your heart, while igniting your emotional body. These recent healing energy influxes are targeting your sacral and heart chakras, increasing energy flow to these two unique vortexes within the human vessel. Get ready to feel ALL the feelings and feel them ever-so deeply, as your emotional body fully comes online, yearning to be explored and mended. On this day, your higher self is asking you, who do you need to forgive in order to unlock and further open and activate your heart energy center? Is it an old friend, a loved one, an intimate partner, or perhaps it is yourself? Forgiveness, given genuinely, openly and from the heart is an important key to your evolution in consciousness and will also help ease heart chakra ascension symptoms that you currently experience."

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