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Important Message to Leaders of New Earth

Heaven is Here

"If you are reading these words Dear One, and at a soul level you remember Lemuria in all its glory, from the crystal clear waters, to the high frequency exchange and harmonious flow of energy between plants, trees and the highly intelligent and peaceful race of people, you know that these special memories will forever be a part of you.

You are the Transition Team here on the planet now to witness the fall of your world in order to help create a brand new one; the kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Close your eyes and remember for a moment how your heart and soul felt living in this endless blissful state, connected to the Divine light of Source and embodying Christ Consciousness. Keep that bright vision, that beautiful memory at the forefront of your mind moving forward, as you breathe love and bring harmony back into a quickly sinking and currently dark planet. This vision creates the New Earth, as you anchor it into your physical reality.

Many of you old souls, healers, starseeds, and lightworkers understandably feel unsettled right now, unsure of how to best utilize your quickly emerging power, knowledge, & most of all, your incredible energy to help out, because at a cellular level what you are experiencing with this overwhelming state of affairs on the planet, reminds you entirely of the destruction and fall of the precious Lemuria.

Right now more than ever before, we ask of you to focus your attention on clearing fear and cellular trauma related to all of the pain and loss you felt as you went down with beloved Lemuria. Heal this inner wound and the much forgotten and deep sadness which lingers in your bones, for once you do, there will be a new-found freedom and joy found within thee, propelling you forward with strength and a sovereign state of being.

You are here to heal, and uplift your fellow human beings, while changing the world. This time around, however, you will not fall and remain stagnant in the overwhelming darkness like you did as you said goodbye to Lemuria, no, this is not the end. This story is the ultimate love story, one in which love conquers all, and out of the shadows you will steadily rise, making your return to the Heavenily frequencies."

With Love,

The Angelic Realm

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