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"The vulnerability, the fragility and the ultimate unraveling that is occurring collectively and at an individual level is so breathtakingly beautiful. The biggest shift that has ever taken place on the earth plane is happening right before your eyes.

Every single moment is a brand new opportunity to usher yourself into higher states of consciousness. You are the leader and creator of your reality. Are you actively choosing love or are you still playing in the many paradigms of fear that are being presented to you at this time? The choice is always yours.

Your multi-dimensional self is slowly coming online and with each activation that your human vessel receives you are remembering your innate gifts and what you came to earth to do. This life you chose is a significant one, you came to be a part of the upheaval and massive change, transpiring for the greatest good of mother earth and all of humanity.

Many of you are the pioneers of New Earth, bravely leading the way as the rest of the world awakens from their slumber. Continue to dive into the depths of your soul, embracing both the light and darkness, and leading with love.

Everything you are experiencing in this present moment, is just the tip of the iceberg. In the upcoming months, every single consciousness that is no longer in alignment to the high frequencies of love will become amplified and purged. Your inner strength and personal power are your greatest allies as you move towards unity and freedom.

This is the end of the world as you know it. After the entire iceberg is exposed as time passes, your whole reality is only going to get better. The process is long and drawn out for a reason. The human body must be strong enough to integrate the powerful energy influxes from higher realms. This will happen at different rates for each individual human. Slow and steady wins the race. You are all coming home. Continue to RISE."

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