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Love is Here To Stay

If you feel beaten down, you are all out of love and have lost your faith in humanity, I am here to help remind you that everything you go through will ultimately soften your heart and return you to love. There is a breaking point or a dark night of the soul that each of you will move through which will help you restore all hope that you thought had been lost along the way.

The love I speak of is the deep unconditional love that you will discover within yourself. It may seem as if you have sacrificed alot on this journey, constantly shedding your layers and learning to break down your thick armour that you've built up as your personal protection over the years, only to discover your true essence at the core.

This powerful innate love is your stepping stone or bridge into the higher states of the 5th dimension and beyond. Even though ascension is not an easy process, the journey is raw, beautifully heartbreaking and at the same time absolutely worth every high and every low.

Thinking of you and sending all my love as I watch you shift and grow! Your progress has been phenomenal to watch as you raise in vibration.

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