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Magic Amongst The Chaos

I was at a busy local playground this week with my toddler and amongst the yelling, running, playing, jumping, sand throwing mayhem that we found ourselves to be in, there she was, serenity shining through the chaos. I almost didn't believe it, when I watched this young girl, calmly climb past the screaming, laughing children, running by, making her way towards a rock. She nestled her little body onto the supportive stone, making herself comfy, closed her eyes, and with her hand on her heart she began to deep breathe. She sat alone in meditation for a good 20 mins.

I wasn't the only person to notice this unusually beautiful scene, other kids stopped in their tracks, temporarily discontinuing their game of tag to stand and watch her, some in awe, others in disbelief, and a few children stared completely through her, clearly confused by her actions.There was even a group of young girls, who I assume were her classmates, gathered together, pointing, whispering, and gossiping about her in the corner. One kid, even tried to get her attention by chucking a small stick at her... It bounced right off her body. She didn't move an inch. Instead she breathed even deeper, completely unphased.

No matter what was happening around her, she remained still, eyes closed with a slight smile on her lips. She was calm, balanced, aligned. She was connected. She was in her power.

My guides immediately chimed in. Scan her field they said! I rarely tap into others energy fields at an intimate level unless that person has given me permission to do so, but this seemed like a special opportunity. As soon as I tuned into her expansive energy, I immediately felt myself standing in 5D frequencies. I could feel Source energy, seeping from her pores. I wasn't surprised that she felt extremely high vibrational, in fact, she was easily identifiable as a Starseed or a Crystal-New Earth Child. In that divine moment, which I was lucky enough to witness, I was suddenly downloaded with a message from the Angelic Realm, before I was swept away by the playful giggles of my son.

"Learn from this loving soul. She is a reminder to find your center, no matter what life is throwing at your field, you can deflect, transmute and return to tranquillity. Your world is very loud, it will get much louder out there. Your reality is changing quicker than most can even comprehend.

Slow down. Don't give into the pressure. You do not need to rush any where, prove anything, or follow the crowds. Listen to your own voice. The inner whispers of your soul. As you move through your earthly revolution, be brave precious soul. Deviate from the norm. Similar to this child, you are here to take a peaceful stand. Like her, you also stand out in the crowd, with the amount of light and calm that you embody. Remember your role. Why are you here? Many of you are here to balance out the darkness by equally shining significant amounts of light on the corruption, the injustice, and the endless lies you are being fed.

You usher everyone into New earth by showing people how to love again. How to live again, in freedom and from a place of strength. Don't be afraid to shine. Be different. Make people take notice, showing others how everybody can live in kindness, peace and most of all, unity and love. This tiny Starseed, who makes a great statement, having a huge impact on those around her, and who embodies a very powerful soul, reminds all of you how living from the heart comes so easily to those who take the time to slow down and simply listen to the silence.

There are many other children like her, who are here to teach all of you what humanity needs in order to make the shift to the New Earth. Watch, admire, learn and remember this child when you feel overwhelmed, disempowered or like the world is too much for you, for she represents your own inner child, excited to re-connect again with the adult you. Surrender to this calm, inner child who is in all of you, for she will bravely lead the way, guiding you back to a place of safety and freedom once again."

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