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Message for Starseeds, Lightworkers & Wayshowers-Alchemization

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Collectively, this is some of the most dense and intense energy I've felt to date. There is no escaping it! The heavy bubble of collective energy that surrounds us, is literally about to burst from all of the pressure.

If you're a lightworker, wayshower or starseed, and you are assisting with the massive collective purge, I know you are feeling it too and you are probably wondering why you are having such a hard time returning to baseline and your higher vibrations.

We are serving and doing exactly what we came here for, and I'm told that we are succeeding! We are anchoring the light (at our stationed sites throughout the world) and quickly alchemizing much denser sets of consciousness, such as fear and separation.

We are being asked to feel every single emotion and physical symptom that comes up in the next 48 hours, sit with it, and feel it all deeply. We must acknowledge and accept all of the fear, sadness or anxiety that is arising and rapidly being moved through us, in order for it to be released.

We are being asked to open our hearts and crowns even wider in these intense moments, to allow for more white, bright, universal healing light to come down from above and enter into our vessels, to help alchemize and assist the collective on an energetic level, to be able to clear all of the density. We have the power to do so. Please connect to your heart space today, focusing on keeping it open.

Leading up to the 12/12 portal and the solar flash, these clearings are much more rapid than previously processed in the past. We are quickly moving into much higher timelines together. Keep up all of your hard work and courageous energetic efforts.

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