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New Earth Connections-A Divine Channeling

Sexual attraction, sacral chakra stimulation and activation are often sparked by another person's energy signature and not necessarily their physical looks and attributes. Of course humans are visual beings and physical attributes do contribute to overall attractiveness to some extent or another including a deep desire to build a connection with someone, however, what you immediately experience when you connect with another person is their energy.

Another person may feel pure to you or extremely revolting, dependent upon their current vibration and also the person's energy signature which interacts with your field and your frequency as well. Many of you are becoming aware that your body is rapidly changing and responds accordingly to your environments, including people, very differently at this point in the ascension process compared to how it did prior to your awakening.

You may feel like who or what you find attractive, or those who resonate with you at much deeper levels has drastically changed and that others touch you in ways that you've never been touched before. I am not talking physical touch here, I am revealing the unseen immediate energetic spark that ties souls together. This is cellular and vibrational attraction, or heart based love at play here, the more each of us connect back to our bodies and feel into the needs of our true hearts desire.

As a collective, the further we move away from relying on purely the physical to guide us towards love and divine partnerships, including high frequency matches in friendship, we are naturally becoming more embodied seeking a healthy relationship and falling madly in love with ourselves first, including opening and activating our own energy field, which then propels each of us into much higher frequencies, attracting to us our ultimate partner and friendship group. Once this occurs, you can then become a frequency match to higher forms of love in all areas of your life as well.

Humans will begin to feel each other deep within their bodies, especially firing up and activating each others sacral chakras and most of all their heart space first, before the physical is even considered, scanned and then taken into consideration by the soul inhabiting the body. This is quite opposite to how most humans have been living and calling in a partnership prior to the Great Awakening.

When two humans come together, even at physical distance from one another they connect with their energy centers, typically, the individual heart centers open to each other first and foremost, and then the merging energy between counterparts flows down from the heart connecting the two fields completely as their energies unite into one. This sacred energetic spark between humans will increase in intensity the further we spiral up into higher states of consciousness as many ascending humans who are clearing now, will start exhibiting completely open, pure and untouched energy fields, which will then enable human to human chakra activations and cellular healing to occur among people.

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