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Rapid Influx of New Earth Energies-February 17, 2021

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Strong influx of New Earth Energies are occurring for me today between 12 and 2:00 PM mountain standard time in Canada. Lately, the density has been so overpowering as the collective rapidly purges, that a positive and extremely rapid shift in energy today has really taken me by surprise!

The high-vibrational energy took over my entire vessel immediately and lasted for close to 2 hours straight! Waves of overpowering warmth and bliss, including complete body euphoria. A lot of higher beings of light and Angel's were around me as I basked in the glorious light.

Today it felt like the waves of energy were massaging every inch of me, down to a cellular level, and internally my body vibrations were very intense. I felt whole/complete and way more powerful than I've ever felt while receiving and experiencing New Earth Energy.

Typically, in the past I've felt waves of 5D mostly at night when my vessel is at rest but today, the energy was the most potent it's ever been (for me anyway, to date). It enters the body quite strongly, like you're sinking into a warm bath at a natural hot spring, as it fills you up with intense unconditional love. The feeling brings tears to your eyes immediately, as the energy becomes a part of you so unexpectedly, yet it feels like it fits so perfectly, that its already a part of you, and all we are doing is remembering this natural and divine state of being, like we have experienced this all before.

Standing in these New Earth energies, I'm feeling a lot of higher heart, heart center and crown activity. Specifically, buzzing and like your body is being cradled in overwhelming peace, similar to a dreamy, heaven-like state, but of course on the earth plane.

I'm so excited to be able to communicate what to expect in days/months to come, for those of you currently going through your ascension process and to also bring awareness to those humans who may begin their own awakening in the near future!

The more your own body clears/purges, and your energy centers become balanced and aligned, you too, will step into higher states of consciousness throughout the day as well. It starts off slow in the beginning, small waves and the further you go, this state of being gets stronger and stronger.

I am curious if any other lightworkers/wayshowers/starseeds or energy readers out there, are also receiving these equally powerful, positive 5D energies...along with what we experience as the strongest darkness/density felt to date, as the entire collective shifts?

WELCOME TO NEW EARTH!-Britt Channel & Guide for New Earth

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