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Remembering Our Multidimensionality

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Did you know that all humans have the ability to perceive multidimensional reality? As you know, we have 5 senses which we rely on daily in order to navigate the world. In addition, all humans have a 6'th sense that allows for us to see, feel and experience far beyond our current 3rd dimensional reality. It is true that we are "spiritual beings having a human experience", meaning that the sum of what we are is more than just our physical bodies. We are energy and pure awareness that temporarily inhabits a human meat suit or physical form, in order to learn lessons and further develop and expand our consciousness.

Over the next year, as you ascend into higher frequencies, remembering your totality and divinity, you are being asked to hold space for all humans, as they too embark on their journey of connecting to their higher-self and stepping into their sovereignty. Every individual is at different stages in the evolution of conciousness. Some humans are attached more to the 3D plane of existence, while other's will be fully anchored in the 5D.

My message for you today is, that no matter where you are at in your personal growth adventure, and no matter what reality you are currently experiencing, no dimension is superior to the other. Most of all, it is not a sprint towards stepping into the 5D frequencies of New Earth. In fact, each step of the way is divinely guided and timed for each unique human being. Instead, we must view the entire soul expansion process as a marathon that includes blood, sweat, tears and some extremely dark moments.

What I mean by the above statement of viewing higher realms as superior to lower-vibrational realities, is that this way of perceiving our world is simply an illusion. The 3D is a place where we learn our lessons, shed our ego, and as we release what no longer serves us, our old self dies, and we are reborn into something greater and much more powerful. Bigger picture thinking reveals to us that we become our true, authentic selves as we move into the higher vibrational frequencies of New Earth. The 3rd Dimension is a necessary and highly important realm as well, because we ultimately learn how to heal ourselves from the inside out. You are exactly where you need to be in this moment in time. Please be patient with yourself during these massive transformational shifts that are occurring individually and collectively. Give yourself grace and the kindness that you deserve.

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