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Sacral Chakra Balancing

♡HEALING TOOLS♡ Are you wanting to feel more pleasure in your life and deep inner satisfaction? Then it may be time to take a good hard look at how healthy your emotional body is functioning.

The higher realms want to help all of us align our bodies to the high frequencies of the 5D /New Earth which are available to everyone at this moment in time. However, inner work IS required on your part to help expand your soul in order to get there!

Your consciousness already resides in these higher states of being, and it is our dense bodies that are playing catch up and acclimatizing to all of the cellular and energetic changes taking place.

The angelic realm specifically, would like for you to ask yourself today, what am I holding onto that I know I need to release from my mind, body and soul in order to feel more peace, pleasure and freedom in my life?

With Love, Brittnee Divine Channel & Ascension Guide for New Earth

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