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Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Sunlight drifts gently across the morning waves, illuminating the peaks of the ocean in a lucid flow. Can you hear the whispers of the wind as you close your eyes and inhale the salty air laced with mist? The translucent warmth of the sun penetrates my glowing skin and I remember that I am finally home.

I walk barefoot, dancing endlessly along the coast line. The soft, white sand covers every inch of my bronzed body.

As I breathe in the warmth of the humid air, tears of gratitude roll down my sun-kissed cheeks, as I think to myself, how lucky am I to be alive? I hear the waves crash against the shore and I am in awe at the earths infinite beauty. This is pure serenity, the hours melt together here, and time stands still.

I want to drift off to sleep on the beach in a familiar tangle of warmth and love, beneath a mesmerizing blanket of sparkling stars. Listening to the gentle lullaby of waves caressing the sandy shore. Over and over the waves, roll, peak and crash before me. My sparkling baby blue eyes are in a trance, as infinite love reflects through the raw movements of the earth. The experience of living and breathing, in this moment, flows throughout my being, permeating my soul with tranquility and light. Natural contingencies ground my spirit, you see.

How remarkable is it that we all are nurtured by the unconditional love of mother earth?

I embody her resilience effortlessly, as I walk my path surrounded by angels and guides. I am infinitely protected, as I have a purpose for being here. The miracles that continue to support my mission are magnetized to me. As I continue to unravel my soul, I realize that just like the earth, I do not crave reassurance for my breathtaking manifestations. I walk my path in alignment with my spirit, letting go of the confinement of any future plans.

Remember that you too, are supported to the depth that you choose to surrender. It’s as simple as that. There’s a purpose behind your path, as you are here to awaken to your authentic self. You are here to make a change in the human consciousness. Our souls are the anchors of heaven on miraculous mother earth.

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