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Shift Your Focus Inward-New Earth is Within You

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

New Earth is found inside of you. You can literally transform your entire life through your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and by simply acknowledging that you desire more than what meets the eye. How you choose to respond to the fear-based external stimuli that we are constantly being bombarded with, creates and also shapes the different realities that you will be able to tap into and experience.

Shifting your mindset from being anchored in the density of the 3D earth plane, to the high-vibrational frequencies of 5D New Earth, is a natural process, that occurs when the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies are aligned, balanced, connected and in a state of flow, compared to resistance and a desire for control.

To be able to witness and connect to the higher frequencies of New Earth, available to all beings at this moment in time, one must completely let go of all control in every area of their life. This means that you have no expectations of certain outcomes and that you choose to shift your consciousness and live in the present moment.

To live presently means you experience the world from your heart space, compared to constantly living in the mind (evaluating and judging every single outcome), where humans have been programmed to operate from their entire life.

Making this powerful shift will begin to open you up to your multidimensional self and your innate power, where you realize that you are in control of every single aspect of your life and current reality. We are way more powerful than we've been led to believe. It is time to connect and merge with your higher-self and transform into the sovereign being that your soul already acknowledges you to be.

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