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Signs and Symptoms of Emotional Detox-You Can't Rush Your Healing

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

As we continue to purge not only the collective shadow, individually, a good majority of the human population are also currently experiencing a deep emotional purge at this time. This is absolutely massive, as healing to this extent has never occurred at this level before.

In fact, don't be surprised if you hear about many mental health experts such as therapists, counselors and psychologists taking heir own leave of absence at this time, in order to better deal with this intense collective clearing and what is coming up for them as an individual.The most exciting part is that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves, as this worldwide cellular purge takes place in order for us to continue to expand in consciousness.

What you may be experiencing physically, as you emotionally detox:

Old memories from childhood are resurfacing throughout the day and even at night in the dream realm. One may experience intense and very vivid lucid dreams.Flashbacks to painful traumas that you have buried deep, suddenly come to light. These visuals thoughts and feelings may be from this lifetime or past lives.

Physically you may feel extremely overwhelmed, confused and you may also feel drained, exhausted and alone. Please remember that you aren't alone.

As emotions leave the body, a host of symptoms arise, including heightened anxiety, a sense of panic, dry mouth like you have no saliva, unusual headaches, sweating, stomach upset, chills, frequent urination and bowel movements, constant yawning & burping.

Some other common symptoms are intense episodes of sobbing or crying that seem to come out of nowhere (you cannot pinpoint the reason you feel so upset and deeply sad).

A sore, achy feeling all over the body, especially deep muscle pain. Chest heaviness, including air hunger like you can't get in a deep breath.

Lastly, as you clear stagnant energy from your vessel, especially, if you are assisting yourself at this time by doing shadow work and intentional, conscious personal clearings, you may feel throat pressure, throat irritation and even start to gag or cough as energy is expelled from the body.

Logically, your human mind or ego may try to make sense of it all and throw you into loops of worry, anxiousness and it may even trigger a fight or flight response within the body. When this occurs, move back into your heart space and feel it all. Acknowledging what we have buried doesn't mean that we become that trauma or fear, it means that we courageously face the fear and understand that although we have had the experience or programmed thought-form for a very long time, that it no longer belongs to us. Because it no longer serves our high-vibrational vessel, it is time to release it and fully let go, without judgment.

Please be aware that my messages may or may not resonate with you at this moment in time, as we all are individually experiencing different levels of consciousness currently. Perhaps at some point, the messages expressed here will apply to you, so I recommend keeping an open mind moving forward and if it does not feel right in your heart, body and soul, do store this information away for now and revisit it in the future.

When you stand in your own sovereign power, dancing to the beat of your own drum, you will learn that any external resources provided to you, (whether it be from another human or channeled from higher realms) are shared for guidance purposes only. Ultimately, you are the creator and expert of your own reality.

The following message is relayed to you at this time to bring comfort and support. However, your number one priority is always your own health and well-being; if you are ever in doubt about what you are going through, it is important to always get checked out by a medical professional first. If you are cleared medically, and continue to experience a range of bizarre and uncomfortable physical and mental/emotional symptoms, congratulations you have embarked on your ascension journey!

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