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Sirius Gateway-Empowerment Through Love Series-Day 1:


The Star System Sirius is at a closer point to the Earth than the Sun is currently, therefore, over the next week we are able to receive more of its high-vibrational energy. This allows for more humans who physical bodies are ready, to start feeling the euphoric waves of Heaven on Earth, the 5'th dimensional reality. As a Sirian Starseed, I have been feeling the influx of these high frequencies for a couple of days already. For many of you, you may begin to feel the waves starting today and tomorrow. Physical and emotional symptoms may temporarily feel worse, as your old injury sites heal.

These potent Galactic energies bring DNA upgrades that are very powerful, as well as, countless activations, propelling many humans into higher states of consciousness quite quickly. As a collective, we have gone through a major energetic shift recently, and the overall collective consciousness has raised significantly due to the higher timeline that we all are on.

The experimental jab that many humans have chosen to receive, or for those who have chosen not to put it into their bodies, no matter what your decision has been surrounding this external and word-wide issue, the jab acts as a catalyst for everyone on the earth plane at this time, allowing us to face the darkness and our shadow side. As triggers arise in us, we are learning to acknowledge and face what is coming up for us and we are given a chance to ask ourselves, "why am I being triggered by this person or certain topics of discussion? What is the deeper meaning here?" These triggers indicate what still needs to be looked at and healed deep within us. After all, all humans on Earth are currently experiencing deep-cellular healing on every level. Secondly, the consequences and results of collectively supporting this particular timeline that we find ourselves on, we face some pretty unpleasant realizations together, and it has thrown millions of people into their Dark Night of the Soul, propelling them into their ascension process and full-blown awakening.

Other portals, that open up for humans over the next few months, are all Gateways to Heaven. They will feel stronger and more humans on the earth plane will experience them more than ever before! A much greater amount of humans are being activated by the massive amounts of light energy penetrating the earth plane. As the energy moves into the human vessel, it shakes the body up a bit. Not in a destructive way but aids in the rapid healing of each individual vessel.

As the body responds to the influx of energy entering into the skin, cells, blood stream and organs, many vessels begin to react and symptoms arise. Doctors and health care workers such as counselors and psychologists at this time may find a huge influx of new patients, complaining of new and uncomfortable physical symptoms, and after running tests, find no underlying cause.

The human heart and entire cardiovascular are drastically being affected right now, due to the fully blocked and completely closed off heart chakras that many humans haven't been able to yet clear, open and activate. In fact, we are already witnessing a huge increase in heart attacks, clotting issues and cardiovascular dis-ease, as more human heart energy centres purge trauma, toxins and old energy, out of the heart space and body. Many human and even animal bodies are not able to physically hold this magnitude of light, therefore, we will see a lot of temporary health issues and even deaths arise, as the old is purged out of our systems, making way for more light to enter.

The human body is not used to feeling and reading energy, therefore, when the high vibrational energy comes into contact with the physical vessel, the mind begins to panic, as it cannot comprehend what is occurring within the body. The body then in turn, responding to the brain signal of fear, goes into fight or flight mode and many humans at this time may find they are suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.

Heightened feelings of anxiety, fear, confusion and like something big is about to happen, are very common right now, as the dense physical world with many external factors are also creating a heightened fear response in the human. (Lockdowns, the pandemic, the experimental jab, etc.)

Energy is felt differently in each individual human body, but I understand that many of you are finally feeling this energy, especially, in your upper chest and even stomach as intense anxiety. Understand that you are beginning to feel energy, and the more your body adjusts, the panic attacks and anxiety will noticeably decrease.

Some people feel like they are vibrating internally, others will have intense muscle twitching, reoccurring headaches, horrible insomnia and restless sleep patterns, and others will experience strong pressure on the body or internally (to name a few). Some humans feel energy around and on the chest area, between the collar bone and breast bone, and the heaviness feeling as your heart chakra purges on an energetic level, may cause you a great amount of anxiety, which can induce a panic attack because the brain cannot comprehend what is taking place in and around the human vessel.

I would like to lovingly remind you of your personal power, and your innate ability to get through this. Even though you may not be aware of this yet, you are surrounded and cocooned in unconditional love and support, and most of all, a safety network. You can rest easy, knowing that humanity is right on track, regarding its Evolution of Consciousness Journey. Many of us are watchers of Earth at this time, and there are countless warriors, peacekeepers and guardians amongst us. Through times of turbulence and unrest, we have received the training to watch over our Evolution and cradle the Collective, while communicating effectively what is taking place on a much larger scale, as we move through this rough period in time, transforming ourselves and our world for the better.

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