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I was strongly guided to share this Space Info with everyone today, after receiving a message from my guides about enhanced solar activity which is greatly affecting our bodies over the next few days. I don't normally post about space weather, as we are already dealing with enough high-vibrational energy affecting our physical and emotional states. However, the energy from this minor event is worth noting because it was so incredibly strong for me yesterday evening and moving into today. I know you will benefit from this information as well.

I am extremely energy sensitive, and last night I knew something was up as my physical symptoms which are very minor at this point in my personal ascension journey because my vessel has already cleared a lot of density, ALL came on very fast and VERY strong! Luckily, I received a visual from the higher realms about the blast of Powerful energy confirming what I've been feeling. Most likely, many of you feel it too:

●Strong Anxiety/Internal panic feeling ●Enhanced pain/aches at your old and current injury sites anywhere in the body ●Stiff joints ●Extremly strong internal pressure feeling, like your body is in a pressure cooker ●A lot of internal heat and sweating (increased toxin removal and purging). Skin might feel unusually warm as well ●A powerful pressure feeling up against the body. Throat, sternum and chest pressure, like your body is being squeezed ●You may feel extremely thirsty and hungry ●Clenching of teeth and jaw ●Heightened, head, face and teeth pressure ●Peristant fearful/intrusive thoughts. Lots of triggering in your mental body, helping you acknowledge what still needs to be healed

These heightened symptoms may continue for the next 2-5 days, until the activity dies down! Therefore, if you are barely functioning, you are not imagining it, your physical vessel is getting another energetic work out and huge opportunity to purge and release what no longer is serving it.

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