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Spectacular Pink Super Moon-Energy Update-April 26, 2021

Have you been feeling the intensity of the Supermoon these past few days? As always, the full moons this year have been so powerful, pushing many of us out of our comfort zones and transforming us to new heights as we bravely do our shadow work. One of the most exciting messages that I have to share, is that we as a collective body, are entering into the next stage of the planetary ascension process! I received confirmation of this today from the higher realms. If you feel excitement building inside of you, it’s because we are making so much beautiful progress together. It does look very messy out there, but please remember everything that we once knew, needs to come crashing down in order for more people to be birthed into higher states of consciousness and New Earth.

Pay close attention to your intuition at this time, as it is offering you incredible guidance, if you currently feel lost in this chaotic world. Tune out the external noise and continue to go within for answers. Many humans are beginning to realize that they no longer need to control anything or anyone around them any longer because being in a flow state of acceptance, receivership and trust in the Universe offers you many rewards. In fact, this state of alignment brings you more power because you are able to manifest much higher-vibrational outcomes and goals in your life.

This new found wisdom looks so good on you. If you currently fall into this category because you are learning to master your emotions, mind and rise above your ego, congrats! New blessings are on their way, the more you let go of what you know isn’t good for you and your ever-expanding soul with this Super Moon.

With the heightened and heavily charged emotions experienced during this time, gently purge your supressed emotions and inner traumas, in order to allow for more light energy to enter into your body. Take a hard look at what is still triggering you. These are the aspects of yourself that require immediate attention and your personal efforts to heal.

You are beginning to understand that love is about uncovering your true, authentic self again, and loving all aspects of you, including your shadow side through the entire healing process. If you aren’t at this stage quite yet, through this process of shedding and expansion, there will be a day where you will absolutely fall in love with the person you are becoming. You will look back on these tougher times and realize that the shake-up in your once “perfect” and predictable little world, was necessary in order for your life to change for the better.

Many of you are experiencing uncomfortable and painful symptoms (anywhere from your belly button down to your toes), this week due to clearing and purging of collective and personal fears, including individual (sexual) trauma that has been stored within the womb area of your body for lifetimes, you can assist your body at this time while it clears your energetic field.

In order to release the pressure, cramps, improve period irregularities (for females) and sensations felt in your womb, lower back and hips at this time, embrace your more sensual side and move those hips. Pelvic and hip thrusts, belly-dancing, shaking your hips and butt while grinding and dancing to high vibe music is the perfect way to help your root and sacral energy centres fully open and release stagnant energy at this time. This will also ground your energy to Mother Earth, connecting you to the miraculous 5D energies and harmonizing your entire system.

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