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Stepping Out of Illusion & Standing In Your Power

A good majority of the 3D reality has been built on illusion, as nothing is ever what it seems. The external systems that people are programmed to obediently follow from a very young age (government, media, health care, education system) create the illusion that they offer humans guidance, safety and security.

When in actuality these dense paradigms are not designed to support and uplift the human spirit, and instead keep humans in a perpetual state of victimhood, disempowernent and very low vibrations of fear. After all, you are never truly free, when you are dependent on anything outside of yourself.

The deception all around us is becoming increasingly more apparent, the further humanity moves through the Collective Shadow period. Over the next few months, countless humans will be developing phenomenal intuitive abilities, allowing them to acutely and accurately process the mass amounts of external information within their environments at a much more rapid and effective rate.

I am excited to share that if you are not yet experiencing this already, in the near future you will be starting to practice reading the energy and frequencies behind every word, action, behavior, person, place or thing that crosses your path and energy field.

How amazing is it that you are interacting with our world in brand new and exciting ways, where you depend on your own innate and phenomenal abilities to decipher between false data and deceptive people, and instead can feel into the energy of every situation, seeking true intentions, genuine people, ultimate truth and most of all clarity.

You are stepping out of illusion and farther away from the chaotic systems that can no longer serve your expanding soul and you are courageously and confidently moving into higher states of consciousness where you operate from an empowered and sovereign state, navigating this reality from your inner guidance system only.

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