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Strip Down

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Now is the time where you may be forced to look within. As you gaze past your outer beauty, as well as your apparent physical flaws, you begin to dive deeper and you may be surprised at what you discover.

Your ego crumbles at your feet and all that is left are your shadows and your light. It is then, in those revealing moments of raw exposure that you can finally see yourself for who you truly are. Who you are really meant to be. Doesn't it feel so good to take off your false mask and just simply sit with the true you?

As you dig into the depths of your soul past the meat and bones, your naked, stripped down self becomes extremely vulnerable, as you move into your body to feel your buried pain and trauma that has been with you for lifetimes.

As you work through your blockages, grief and pain, meeting your inner child along the way, you will be left breathless the very moment you come into alignment with your higher self.

As you stare at the flawless and divine beauty standing before your eyes, you understand that you were perfectly created and delicately sculpted by the higher realms of heaven above. You suddenly conclude that what lies within you is all that you'll ever need as guidance in this life, as God/Source/Spirit resides within you. You carry the light, the torch, the flame, the fire. You are courageous and you are powerful. Do the work and you will discover the gold...the secret to this life.

At these depths, this is where your true beauty lies. You will be amazed at the glimmer of light, hope, faith, peace and unconditional love that burns bright at your core. When you recognize and accept yourself for all that you are, you are untouchable, unstoppable and ultimately, you are finally able step into your sovereignty, as a powerful being of light.

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