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Supporting & Caring For Your Developing LightBody

Third eye activations tend to happen early on in your personal ascension process and when your pineal gland is able to successfully open and release the overload of toxins, you begin to experience our world in a completely different and exciting way.

Lights and the color spectrum seem more vibrant and you start experiencing different tones/harmonics/frequencies of light and sound! In the dark, you experience a light show going off in your brain, including vivid visuals of symbols, faces to name a few, that flash quickly within your minds eye, as the veil thins between realities.

You may also feel pressure in between the eyebrows and subtle headaches in the frontal lobe, including a pulsating feeling in the middle of your forehead, dizzy spells, brain fog and also sharp, intense head pains.

Are you currently receiving third eye activations? If you are new to the ascension process, third eye activations are most likely some of the first upgrades that your body will receive.

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