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Thanksgiving Energy Update: October 11, 2021


Today is Canadian Thanksgiving and I have so much to be thankful for. I am so blessed to be connected to so many Powerful, and loving people who are changing the world one by one. These courageous humans are paving the way for New Earth to be built upon! They are the many voices (spread around the world) who are actively making a difference in the overall vibration of the planet by being a shinning example of love, unity, peace and positive change for all of humanity. Many of these people are you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here and making a huge difference simply by healing YOU and being YOU. You are amazing!

The tougher it gets out there, please don't ever forget how much you contribute to building of New Earth in the physical by choosing love over fear, and community and unification over segregation in every single moment. Over in Canada the fear narrative is very strong unfortunately, and many people have bought into it, with countless families separated during a holiday that is supposed to bring loved ones together for celebration, however, due to conflicting beliefs, judgments and lower vibrational behaviors that stem from ego, families remain in separation from one another.

My biggest wish today, is that everyone is able to see past the illusion, rise above the fear and return to their heart, showing compassion and love to all humans, no matter their status, personal beliefs or what their body/medical choices may be. If you are not there yet, that is perfectly okay. I will wait for you and love you from afar, patiently waiting for the day you choose to join me in the higher frequencies of love.

New Earth is here It is a shift in consciousness and frequency, first and foremost within each person individually, and then heaven on earth can be built on the physical earth plane! Thank goodness I have alot of help from my friends with this mission! Love you ALL!

Brittnee Ascension Guide & Divine Channel for New Earth

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