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The Healing Crisis

There are so many different truths and viewpoints within the quantum field. At this point in our evolution, every perspective is worth noting. According to the higher realms, human beings don’t suffer from mental health issues or suddenly develop certain physical health issues. Instead, they recognize that the cells of the human body have held onto deeply embedded trauma, stagnant and buried energy and emotions, including physical toxins for decades and even lifetimes. From an energetic perspective, humans take on a lot from our own mothers during our incubation period while developing in the womb. The higher realms call this cellular imprinting.

For me personally, I am blessed to look at life from both sides now. Although, I respect the discoveries made within the medical field over the past century, (I worked hard in my younger years getting a University Education in Psychology and Therapy) but now after having a life-changing spiritual awakening, I understand the importance of taking the time to look at the overall "health" of a human from a holistic point of view. Taking into consideration and healing each aspect of the whole, which includes acknowledging the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies, I believe, is where humanity is headed. Through this global healing crisis, while clearing and freeing every single piece of us, this very process connects us back to our Higher-Self, helping us remember that we are the embodiment of divine light in human form.

The higher realms have quickly taught me that there are equally beautiful teachings and knowledge beyond the veil.

It is interesting, the higher beings of light do not view mental illness the same way that most scientists, and doctors do. From the higher perspective, any illness of the mind is purely energy that can be manipulated, controlled and ultimately released from the body through the power of thought and mastery of the mind, with an important emphasis on the subconscious mind and the ego in particular. While on one side of the coin, humans (Dr.’s, scientist etc.) place certain labels (not in a negative way to tag a person for life) on another human, to help with a certain diagnosis to narrow down treatment, it is worth noting that sometimes the set of beliefs and attachment to the label given, can keep a person stuck in a victim mindset for far too long, when in fact they are the victor, hero and survivor of their situation.

As we all move through a massive global and personal healing crisis, while we experience a necessary yet painful detox on every level, the higher realms would like to remind you that you are not the label you have been given.

Please know that any destructive, and negative thoughts that you still hold on to and in your heart, do not belong to you anymore, and can be cleared by you personally through energy work, or working with a certified healer/energy practitioner who specializes in energy clearings.

If conventional therapies and counseling don’t seem to resonate with you at a soul level or aren’t making you feel like you are incredibly powerful, in control of your world and especially your mind, and helping you to continuously progress in life, perhaps other healing modalities are worth exploring at this time in your ascension process.

Where you are headed with your life, which is onto higher timelines of love, tranquility and happiness, these denser thought-forms and associations that your subconscious mind still holds on to can no longer be held within your human vessel or energy field. In fact, everything that you have been repressing your entire life really comes out now, surfacing from deep within you. Isn’t it comforting and exciting to know that in due time, all that doesn’t match the higher frequencies that you project, will eventually be released from you? You are healing and stepping into your freedom.

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