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The Journey of True Love

I have been receiving so many strong downloads and channelings lately about the current state of humanity and the entire healing process that is well underway. I feel lucky to be able to see the bigger picture and understand what is holding many people back from breaking free of their lower states of consciousness and karmic cycles. The world is awakening, but as you are aware, not everyone has been activated quite yet.

One of my goals is to help you better understand what it takes from you personally in order to align your body to the frequencies of New Earth, so you can start to experience it along with me. Numerous humans are well on their way already, but I truly believe in my heart that we can speed up the entire movement collectively, if we all are accessing our highest timelines possible individually. Believe me, I want you to be able to have this miraculous experience as soon as possible too.

Direct Channeling: September 28, 2021 11:10am

"When you actively work through, face head on and release fear from the cells of the body, you are no longer capable of harvesting dense disease within the human vessel and cannot be burdened by physical and mental illness any longer.

'Dis-ease' is simply that; an absence of ease, a lack of alignment, and an overwhelming feeling of being out of balance and not in control of yourself, your mind and your external environment. Essentially, the human feels unsafe in their own body. Disease is a deficiency of love and a disconnection from Source/God and your true authentic self which is your natural state of being. Energetic blockages within the body and the human energy field that are not dealt with by an individual long term, often fester and quickly turn sour, giving life to disease, which arise within organs and body systems when the human vessel falls out of alignment and further away from the high frequencies of love.

As you raise in energetic frequency through your individual ascension process, returning to love, fully embodying it, and becoming one with Source and Universal Love once again, the lower frequencies of disease that have manifested in direct correlation to residing in fear and in the absence of love, are then able to fall away from you. All previous programming stemming from one's childhood, including negative self-talk, learned behaviours and repetitive thought-forms about being weak, powerless and a victim within ones body, and that leave the human with the false belief that they are not in control, are also being forced out of all humans. Feeling helpless, hopeless and that you are not able to improve the grim circumstances of what's happening in your personal life and also in the world right now, couldn't be further from the truth.

You are not weak, powerless and disabled. You are healing and you have a voice. Most of all, you are in complete control of your body and your mind. In fact, you manifest your entire reality based off of what thoughts you feed your Spirit. With this realization, the human is then capable of rising above disease because they begin to more closely match and reside in the high frequencies of love. Love heals, and you will discover that through self-love you can heal every aspect of you that is hurting or has been damaged in the past. When you heal yourself, the world around you is then able to heal too and the more each individual has this epiphany, the faster your entire world will heal and improve. Remember Dear One, your body was made perfect on every level and it is working for you and with you, and not against you like humans have been programmed by society to believe.

Do you currently carry pain or disease in your body? Do you feel like your life is spiralling out of control? FACE your deeply-embedded FEARS. Please be aware that the further humanity moves up into higher states of consciousness you will be asked time and time again to simply, Tune In. Relax. Truly take the time to listen. Your body is talking to you, every second of every day and is asking you to bravely take the steps to choose your sovereign state of being, instead of your comfort zone of negative cycles of victimhood, so you can learn how to heal your self on every single level. Freedom is found here in this sovereign, powerful state, and fear can no longer exist. You cannot run anymore from yourself and your shadow aspects. They are eagerly rising from your cells and finally deserve to be remembered, acknowledgement and cradled in an abundance of love, after being buried within you for decades.

When you take the time and effort to tune into your beautiful body, working intimately with it and learning to love it and yourself completely, in return, your sacred vehicle will support you and it will always take care of you too. Continue to do the inner work and in these empowered states of consciousness, actively taking control of your life, you automatically align yourself to the love frequencies of The 5th Dimension and far beyond! This is how you heal and this is how you connect to New Earth."

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