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The Rise of 5D Pregnancies

I have been given the go ahead to start sharing information about the evolution of bringing higher vibrational children onto the Earth plane. I personally have had first hand experience with this unbelievable process with my "surprise" first pregnancy in 2016 and then my sons birth in 2017.

5D pregnancies are very different to what we have known in the 3D sense, but the collective is finally ready to learn and explore this exciting topic now, as many of you are a vibrational match to receive this higher level information.

Nonetheless, high-vibrational pregnancies can be very confusing, especially to the rational mind as it completely changes everything humans know about conception and pregnancy within the old 3D paradigm that we are rapidly moving out of. We are returning to ancient ways, the more we clear our vessels and remember everything that has been buried deep within.

Like many of you, I have learnt the further I go in this process, raising in frequency, expanding my consciousness and connecting to new information, that my soul chose an accelerated ascension path, as my physical body made unbelievable shifts, especially during my 5D pregnancy to hold more light for the extraordinary soul that I was carrying.

What I went through was incredibly difficult, not understood at the time (especially by medical professionals operating solely from a 3D mindset) but was equally breathtakingly beautiful, as I underwent a full embodiment and mindset shift. Now, as I scan the Collective Body, I cannot believe how many women I am witnessing who are also carrying high-vibrational babies, while other women (especially lightworkers and starseeds currently) are being prepped for this unique transformation! This info is indeed miraculous and unfounded territory but I'm excited to share that our world as we know it is changing for the better. And this is just the beginning of it all.

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