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The Solar Flash-The End of The World As you Know It:A Collaboration with Angel Intuitive Amelia Bert

Amelia and Brittnee were guided into each other’s lives in 2020 and have been inseparable ever since, despite their physical distance as they live across the world from each other, in complete opposite time zones. Before their divinely guided encounter Brittnee felt so excited like something big was about to happen in her life and she even kept hearing the famous ABBA song “I Believe in Angels” almost every day, weeks before her long-lost soul sister came into her life. Since their incredible reunion, Amelia and Brittnee have better reacquainted themselves with one another and remembered the multiple past lives and earth incarnations together as blood sisters in Lemuria. In this lifetime, a growing sisterhood-bond is re-created through a beautiful long-distance friendship. Brittnee and Amelia are both part of the 144000 Divine Feminine Twin Flame Collective of Lightworkers and they were destined to come together in this lifetime to share their gifts and teachings with the world.


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