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The Sun Is Awakening

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We move along a high-frequency timeline where the evolution in human consciousness has sped up and will continue to accelerate in the upcoming months. We have already witnessed monumental changes unfolding on a global scale and in our personal lives as well, and with these rapid and necessary shifts into much higher vibrations, come environmental changes as well, as Mother Gaia shifts her vibration.

More and more awakening humans may find that something as minor as local weather changes and fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, winds, rain etc. affect them energetically and at a physical level as well. Have you noticed that you feel recharged and uplifted after spending some time in the sun? On the contrary, have some of you noticed how your ascension symptoms heighten when you take in more sunlight, causing you to purge even harder? The sun affects us at every level, especially our quickly developing chakra system.

Many humans at this point in the planetary ascension process are receiving massive amounts of lightcodes via the sun, therefore, it is important to connect your vessel to sunlight daily, if you have the chance to connect your body to the sun’s high-frequency rays. Not only do we receive beneficial vitamins from the sun to support our physical body, the high-vibrational and increasing sun activity that I have been guided to share with you, will affect each and every one of us in powerful and profound ways in the upcoming years, supporting us on our ascension.

This process and interaction between the human body and the Sun has already begun, and all of the different types of sun activity, including space weather will influence our expanding bodies in new and exciting ways that we could have never imagined was possible. It is hard to believe how our relatively tiny bodies can have such a strong and important relationship to a star that feels so far away from us, yet we are intimately connected.

Compared to local storms, on a grander scale all life on earth is affected by the energy influxes of the Sun, even if you aren’t consciously aware of what is taking place within you. Recently, the Sun has been waking up as well, exploding with activity and blasting fiery, blistery pulses of energy out into space. This uptick in overall energy does affect Earth, as stormy space weather affects humanity at energetic and physical levels. We are also seeing now that these frequent blasts of energy (which are expected to become more frequent in upcoming months) that humans are now receiving from space, are especially intended for those who are on the tipping point of coming online or about to experience their awakening.

Recent solar storms/flares aid in ascension and are a much-needed boost for our systems. If you are relatively new to the ascension process, you may find that you are gradually becoming more sensitive to the energy that you receive from the sun. If you have been on this journey for years (you are most likely a first wave human, starseed or lightworker) you may notice that even small doses of the sun feel very effective and beneficial to you because your auric field and chakras are less congested, compared to those humans who haven’t begun the inner-work, including the purging or clearing process to the same extent that you have, quite yet.

Specific groups of humans are moving into the heavy purging territory now, during the Collective Shadow Period. Most people in general, however, will not be conscious of what they are taking in through the sun and this too means it will not penetrate the cells of their body as deeply as it would for someone who is at the stage of currently merging with their higher-self and making the transition into their lightbody for example. The physical body does an absolutely amazing job openly receiving all different types of energy throughout this adventure that we all are on together, while maintaining homeostasis every step of the way.

I will keep you posted in the upcoming weeks with appropriate space weather information, specifically, the multitude of sunspots that are currently present and their fluctuating activity. Also, any significant earth-directed solar flares or storms that hit earth’s magnetic field. I have been guided to intuitively feel, track and witness the effects it has on our bodies at a physical level and our minds, directly influencing our emotional/mental states, as we continue to ascend and receive these blasts of high-frequency light.

My teachings are not intended to induce fear, create phobias or hysteria among others. They are instead meant to educate and help us prepare for what is to come, so we can consciously help our bodies along with this brand-new and often-times, confusing evolutionary process at play. Introducing humanity to the energetic influence of space weather, on the human form, will hopefully bridge the gap between Science and the energetic world that we all interact with, and how weather’s influence and interaction with our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies is an important and necessary relationship that needs to be studied further by everyone.

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