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Under Pressure

I am being shown that collectively, the energy is similar to a balloon slowly being filled with hot air. The delicate balloon has expanded so drastically and extremely rapidly, that it is close to the breaking point of bursting in order to release the intense internal pressure. So many humans have also reached their breaking point.

As the world we once knew, continues to crumble before our eyes, there is a huge spike in fear and anxiety. The illusion playing out on the world stage is that everything is falling apart but in reality, paradigms are collapsing in order to be able to support the high frequencies of New Earth energies.

If you fall into the category of overwhelming and almost suffocating fear and impending doom right now, you are being asked to feel all of your feelings completely. It is okay to feel like everything is not okay. It is more then alright to feel panic and sadness and rage all at once. Sit with these thoughts, the anger, the confusion, the heartbreak. Feel them deeply until you are ready to release them.

It is recommended during this time, to not give into the thought-forms and external sources that feed into your fear. Turn your television off, put away your cell phone, take a break from your social media platforms, and simply breathe. Deep-rooted belly breaths. Focus on pushing the air to the base of your spine and let the breath of life flow through you. Move your breathing out of the upper chest, where it lies heavy and often times contributes to the anxiety by overwhelming the heart chakra. If you feel your breath slowly creep back up into your chest and throat, redirect it. You're completely in control.

Our breath is meant to flow deep within our bodies and not remain so shallow. Breathe, and feel the comfort and warmth of your breath. What is your breath teaching you today? Perhaps it whispers to you that you are a miracle. A living, breathing, courageous warrior for walking this earth plane.

Or is your breath allowing you to focus on the things that really matter to you, reminding you that you have so many things to be grateful for. So what if your external environment looks highly chaotic, if you really take the time to pause and reflect, you are actually safe. When you focus on your breathing, you bring yourself back into your vessel to experience the present moment, instead of dwelling over the past or stressing about the future. Within the quantum field both do not even exist.

Once you are standing in the present moment, where 5D energy resides, the guides want me to get you to ask youself, how do you feel about everything that's occurring? Are you choosing to sit back and watch it all play out, or do you feel a strong urge to open your throat chakra and speak out? Lastly, we would like for you to become aware of anything that negativity disrupts the homeostasis of the body at this time. This includes watching and closely monitoring your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions and learning to separate your spirit and higher self (God within you), from your lower self or what we call the ego. Become the ultimate observer of yourself today.

Imagine yourself leaving your body temporarily and then becoming a stranger who crosses paths with you as you go about your day. What do you notice about yourself? What are you still grasping and holding on tightly to, that you absolutely know that you need to let go of? Do you notice that you are self-seeking, standing in ego, afraid of death, scared of experiencing pain, closed off to others and their ideas and knowledge, afraid of being courageous and stepping out of your comfort zone, unsure about speaking your truth because others may judge you? Honestly ask yourself, why am I holding myself back from digging deep, in order to discover my own truths?

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