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We're All Ascending Together

A few short weeks ago my family was faced with a huge decision, choose to do something in order to keep a well paying career, our beautiful home and material possessions, or say no, I do not comply, what you are doing to humans is forced mandates here in Canada. We stood up against external forces pushing us to do something that we believe everyone should either choose or not choose for their individual body. I understand body sovereignty and believe in freedom of CHOICE . The results of choosing body sovereignty and freedom over compliance has created a ripple effect in our 3D reality that will forever change our lives. I know many of you are going through similar situations, which are breaking marriages, friends, communities and families apart, but I also want to offer you hope and remind you that this is what the crumbling of the Fear systems of control look like. Justice will prevail for ALL, the more humanity understands that we are in this together. Even though we may make separate choices that best support our own individual bodies, we are united. We ascend as ONE. No matter how tough if it gets out there, please remember your body sovereignty and your personal power.

I love you!

Brittnee Divine Channel for New Earth, Ascension Guidance & Support

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