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You Are Healing

As you navigate your ascension journey, a host of uncomfortable symptoms may arise. You may notice that you are feeling pain throughout the body, and some of you may even have pain and inflammation at old injury sites. This is because you are rapidly healing from the inside out, as higher vibrational light energy continues to enter into your human vessel. You are constantly clearing so much dense energy, that no longer serves you.

Did you know that a lot of the painful conditions that you are dealing with currently, are an indication that you are healing? In fact, we are all healers, it is our birth right. Everyone has the tools within to release the dense energy that is stuck within the body. Stagnant energy is often what we call dis-ease. Most of us have become disconnected from our bodies and therefore, we have forgotten how to work with our energetic form. I believe that now is the time of remembering. A willingness and recognition that you hold the power to heal yourself, is required in order to undergo complete transformation.

You are probably wondering; how can I help myself at this time? For starters, I recommend that you step out into nature and put your spine and back directly against the trunk of a tree. As funny as this sounds, try it for at least 15 minutes, with your feet planted firmly into the ground, following your breath, and relaxing your body and mind.

Perhaps, this will be your first glimpse of the New Earth frequencies, as nature holds 5D frequency. If you crave to step out into the forest, swim in the ocean, lay on the grass or snow, run in the sand or play in the dirt, it is because nature holds a higher frequency then the density of your current 3D reality.

The further you go in your ascension journey, you will be able to feel 5D consciousness wherever you go on the earth plane, in chaos, at the grocery store, or in your bedroom. That feeling of euphoria that you get when you are out in nature, you will start to feel in many other places. This is how we shift our bodies! Over the next few years, you won’t have to be in nature to feel 5D, because as you continue to purge the density within your vessel, New Earth energy can be found within YOU.

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