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You Are The Miracle in Me

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

What does it mean to connect and fully integrate source energy and to enter into the realm of unconditional love and bliss? A reality where you are flourishing, abundant, healthy and happy, no matter what circumstances life throws at you? It is learning to completely surrender and letting go of all the expectations of what you should be doing at this moment in time. Gently, release the picture that you hold in your magnificent mind of what your life should look like, and simply, just trust. Trust that the best has yet to arrive.

Watching time trickle by as life and events unfold in this fast-paced world, I’ve learnt quickly to become the observer instead of the controller or master manipulator of my destiny. This was not an easy exercise, as I’ve always been skeptical of putting trust into something that couldn’t be measured by science and the system. However, as I shifted, grew and transformed, I’ve come to the honest conclusion that the way in which we have been programmed to perceive the world around us is a grand illusion. Moving beyond the matrix, as the veil lifts and even greater truths are revealed, I now fully understand that I always have the choice to live in the present moment and to purely breathe stillness into the depths of my body. You have the ability to align yourself with the highest timeline and highest version of yourself. Yes, you have the internal strength and power to connect to higher levels of consciousness.

It is true that you have the option to live in such a delicate, yet profound way, that you too will begin to witness miracles manifest right before your eyes. Listen to the gentle nudges and sweet whispers of your soul calling out to you. Slow down when your body says please take a rest, and solely allow your skin to become a safe space for your soul to linger. Find freedom in the inevitable solitude of this existence. It is okay to pause sometimes and take care of your invisible self. After all, there is only you. Other people surrounding you are only a living reflection of your inner realm.

Reconnecting to my power, my divine sovereignty and embodying the goddess within, has made me realize how sacred life is. Please don’t take a single moment for granted. Every choice you make is either bringing you closer or further away from your higher self. Peel back the layers of yourself to reveal your true essence and watch in utter amazement as old timelines crumble before your eyes, and new ones are being created in their place. See that’s the thing about this astonishing and mystical life, you can choose to keep your vision high and to always raise your eyes higher. Don’t be afraid of climbing to greater heights because external forces tell you that you will never reach that euphoric destination. Most of all, please don’t lower your vision for those who cannot fathom achieving those exceptional and profound heights, because I know that you can and you absolutely will.

I am eternally grateful for my journey. I now see that everything in my life, all of the ups and downs, and the decades of pain and silent suffering are part of this beautiful chaos we call life. Even on the hardest days, perhaps when you don’t feel like getting out of the comfort of your own bed and facing this crazy world, see that everything is actually divine and so perfect. Teach yourself to see and feel this ecstasy.

You cannot see growth without challenges and difficult life lessons. We came to earth to learn, to grow, to evolve, to ascend. We did not arrive on the earth plane to be a victim of our circumstances, and we certainly are not meant to suffer, to wallow in our pain, misery and live a life of regret. This journey may not be easy but I can promise you, it is worth it.

Existence is a miracle and being a higher-level soul experiencing this physical plane of existence in human form is a true miracle. You are a magical creation of energy, leaving a unique mark on the world and no matter where you are in your own journey, know that whatever it is you are going through, know that your hardships help you return to your divine essence. Everything that you have gone through and are experiencing in this now moment gives you the wisdom, power and courage that you require to shine your bright light on the world, as you continue to help lead the way, as mother earth and humanity ascend together.

Keep shining. Your soul chose all of the lessons you need to learn before you incarnated here. Most of all, everything is unfolding for your highest good. Your story, your struggle and your strength is medicine for everyone else, especially for those who have their eyes turned towards the light. What you heal in yourself is meant to help heal others. Thank you for being a gift to this world, a brave soul, and a living, breathing miracle who chose to be here and witness the greatest shift in the history of this planet.

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