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Your Elevation Will Require Isolation

Updated: Apr 13, 2021


*Completely stripping away the old emotional traumas that we store in our cells and energetic bodies

* Releasing the emotional and physical patterns that we hold

*Dismantling old belief systems that once held us captive

*Seeking within, building inner peace and fulfillment, so that no matter what circumstance we find ourselves in, we constantly seek joy. Especially finding it in the present moment

*Re-experiencing past lives (by opening up our Akashic Records) so that we can feel those moments in time again, in order to finally release them in this life. Finally, complete closure, after lifetimes of upheaval.

*Recognize ourselves as infinite beings of potential and step into our personal power, while discovering our gifts.

*Unlocking the fractals of frequency within and therefore, gain the ability to reconnect with the family we have forgotten

The truth is, I anticipated this journey to always be about love and light. But instead it has broken me down and stripped me wide open. I can promise you, you will cry a lot of tears, washing away energy that no longer serves your highest good.

I had to experience death, death of the life I once knew, and death of the ego, in order to be born again. This time around, im in complete alignment with my higher self. Ultimately, it has allowed me to finally take a good hard look at my shadow side and to embrace every aspect of me. I not only love every inch of my mind, body and soul, but I am bursting at the seams with unconditional love for everyone I cross paths with in this life

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