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Mind.Body.Soul Services

Are you looking to dive deeper into your healing journey to figure out the root cause of the physical, mental and emotional symptoms that you have been experiencing?

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious? Chronic aches, pains, or even dis-ease suddenly appear within your body?


Maybe you are having repetitive thought patterns and emotions that are controlling your life, negatively affecting your overall health and well-being? 

I am honoured to help assist you during these high energetic times. I specialize in energy readings that will give you specific insight tailored to your unique healing journey.


Together with my spirit guides and higher self (and with your permission), I will connect with your spiritual team and higher self to scan your energy field for imbalances, blocked chakras and stagnant energy within your system.

You Are Powerful Movement now offers a variety of personal healing services, including personalized audio sessions, intuitive body scans, energy reports, healing tools and monthly or weekly coaching.

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