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When I first came across Brittnee´s work and saw her videos, I was captivated by her pure, loving and soothing energy. I had been looking for some guidance to help me clarify the situation in my life, since I´d been very insecure and overwhelmed mentally as well as physically, going round in circles and feeling lost in regards to my health and my business. I asked Brittnee to do my "Intuitive Body Scan & Channeled Energy Report" and I am grateful and deeply touched by the messages she conveyed to me. Her report was deep, informative and very helpful because it provided not only interesting facts about my past live and revealed my star-seed origin, but it also gave me some useful tips and exercises I can practice daily to be more in tune with myself and clear out energy blocks. Brittnee´s work is very inspiring and it was beautiful and reassuring to read the messages from my spirit guides. I definitely recommend Brittnee´s energy report to anyone who is looking for ascension support, a direction in life or/and more insight into their energy body. Thank you so much Brittnee!

Martina H.

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