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CONNECT Daily: Single Day Pass

Master your mind & mission

  • 1 hour
  • 375 Canadian dollars
  • Direct on-call 24/7 support via text, audio messages, utilizing WhatsApp

Service Description

Guidance and interaction for a six hour day (rapport from 9:00 am-3:00 pm). This is equivalent to 6 hours together and a 1 time session. I will be on-call for you throughout your day 1 day per week (this can be a chosen day that work best with your schedule, whenever you feel you need extra support). My current availability is to be on call for you Monday through Friday each week. Let's face it, our life journey can feel extremely stressful, lonely, chaotic and isolating at times, but the wonderful news is that it doesn't have to be! ​ As a powerful commander and the ultimate leader of your reality, you know best which areas you may need that extra support or guidance in, as you embark on this incredible life adventure. ​ A personalized coaching/guidance package may be exactly what your soul requires at this time in your life journey! I am now offering personal access to me, my energy and my direct connection to the Divine through my New Ascension Support Package which is specifically designed to suit your needs and personal life goals best. ​ You Are Powerful Movement offers on-the-go ascension/life support and intuitive guidance. What does this mean for you? Direct on-call 24/7 support via text and audio messages, utilizing a messaging app (WhatsApp) or by email, as you go about your day learning to raise in frequency to be able to thrive in these highly charged ascension energies that are penetrating our planet ushering in the New Earth. Together we will explore your energy field, mental and emotional bodies, including your physical vessel for health concerns and you will be activated into developing your own intuitive gifts, to eventually guide yourself through the massive energy waves. No topic of discussion is off the table when it comes to our communication, we will be able to explore all avenues of your life together in order to bring you more clarity, direction and confidence in navigating this beautiful world and the new realities available to all of us now. As your earth guide, I am always available to help you with open arms. Thank you for allowing me into your life and heart space. From my heart to yours, ​ Brittnee (Powelske) Fehr

Contact Details

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