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Sacred Scripts Collection: Embracing the Magic of Special Message Jewelry

Where Beauty Meets Blessings!

Radiate Elegance with our Divine Collection: This 18K Rose Gold-Plated Brass Pendant offers timeless beauty and versatility. Each Heart Necklace features a personalized twin flames design, accompanied by an adjustable 18"-22" stainless steel chain with a secure lobster clasp attachment. Crafted with high-quality brass, one adorned with Palladium Rhodium and Glass Crystals, the other plated in 18K Rose Gold. Tarnish-resistant for enduring shine.


Embrace the extraordinary and share your love with a special message (below) and heartfelt "I Love You" card included in each jewelry box. 


“In your embrace, I become the manifestation of unconditional love—a timeless force that transcends words and whispers its devotion in the silent eloquence of our shared moments”


Divinely designed with your heart and soul in mind.

Infinite Love: Twin Hearts Necklace

SKU: 14702821482762291283
GST/HST Included
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