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Intuitive Body Scan

(Body Scan/Chakra reading only. Does not include a mini energy report)

  • 1 h
  • 55 Canadian dollars
  • Custom Body Scan will be sent as a pdf via email

Service Description

Are you looking to dive deeper into your healing journey and figure out the root cause of your physical, mental and emotional symptoms that you have been experiencing? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious, continually having specific aches, pains, and even dis-ease suddenly appear within your body? Maybe you are having repetitive thought patterns and emotions that you can't seem to break free from, that are controlling your life and negatively affecting your overall health and well-being? I am honoured to help assist you during these high energetic times. I specialize in energy readings that will give you specific insight on what still needs to be looked at and healed within you. Together, with my spirit guides and higher self, (with your permission), I will connect with your spiritual team and higher-self and scan your energy field for any imbalances, including blocked chakras and stagnant energy within your system. All beings have 12 chakras, with a focus on the 7 main energy centres specifically, where energy is constantly flowing in and out of the body. When the chakras are fully open, the energy is flowing freely, and your centres are aligned and balanced. In this high-vibrational state of being, you feel harmonious, centred and connected to spirit. Once you learn to figure out where your major energetic blockages are and how to heal them, you will feel empowered, uplifted and free. It is true that when we learn to nurture ourselves at a soul level, freeing our vessels of trauma, dis-ease, and old, out-dated energy, we can then awaken and expand the life force within us to accomplish all of our goals and dreams, and also to live our best life. The deeper you look inside of yourself, including your willingness and personal efforts to help yourself heal, will greatly assist you on your ascension process (including the clearing/purging of your physical vessel), enabling you to better handle these massive energetic shifts with more confidence and ease. You will receive your detailed Body Scan and a mini energy report as a pdf via email. This service is in very high demand currently, therefore, booking your spot is necessary in order to assure you are happy with the turn around time. Included in this channeled report: An intuitive body scan of your 7 main chakras (and possibly your 12 chakra "extended chakra system"), as well as, an accurate Life Force Energy rating.

Contact Details

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