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Ascension Guidance-3D, 4D & 5D

I still can't believe how fast of a timeline we are all on as a collective! Time is of a course an illusion in the quantum field, that being said, these are potent and fast moving energies! Just think about how much your body is going through at this time, to help propel you into much higher states of being. Please remember that whatever reality you currently experience, that where you stand is EXACTLY where you are supposed to be. When it comes to this beautiful ascension journey, SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE! (A popular reminder of the Arcturians). Another important reminder is that higher states of consciousness are not better, than the 3D plane for example. We experience these different and very unique levels of existence in order to learn valuable life lessons to expand our souls. You chose a pretty epic time to be on the Earth Plane! There are so many incredible and life-changing surprises in store for all of us, the further we go.

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