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Collective Body Scan-June 15'th

We could all use some extra encouragement at this point in our individual and global healing journey's and of course, the angelic realm always delivers with high vibrational messages to help you continue to push through. We did a quick scan of the collective body tonight, and even though you wouldn't necessarily know it just by looking around, thousands upon thousands of humans this month are experiencing the death of their ego, as well as, their dark night of the soul. If you feel like you are alone in this spiritual awakening process within your family and group of friends, very soon you will notice others close to you will be thrown into their ascension unexpectedly and have awoken from their earthly slumber.

There is a lot of individual unrest, sleepless nights and heightened anxiety and confusion during this time frame, as there is a massive disconnect amongst different humans, as everybody is currently experiencing very unique levels of consciousness.

Many humans metabolisms are speeding up significantly as their physical bodies make the appropriate shifts to anchor in more light. You may feel like you are hungry all the time and constantly need to be eating and drinking water. Fuel your cells appropriately and continue to listen to what your body requires of you at this time.

Because there is a lot of manipulation taking place through social media, and mainstream media, you may find that any external sources in your life, including other people, are extremely exhausting and draining to be around, therefore, you rather retreat and simply be in your own company, as you individually shift into higher states of consciousness.

Resurfacing mental health issues that haven't been addressed over the course of your life, will grab your attention these next few months. If you suffer from depression, or other serious mental health matters, you can no longer ignore or bury down what needs to be acknowledged and dealt with. We will see a rise in people requiring help within psychiatric wards and counseling centers.

The pandemic has been the catalyst for many humans to finally seek the proper help or treatment for mental health struggles that have held them back from ultimate soul expansion and living their best life possible. Covid itself hasn't necessarily caused an increase in mental health cases, these serious emotional issues have always been buried within the human, and the pandemic has allowed everything hidden to finally surface in order to be healed once and for all. You can no longer run from your problems, with the amount of high vibrational light on the earth plane at this time, as it exposes absolutely everything that is lower vibration and cannot be carried over into New Earth.

"What you see and experience as the world isn't necessarily the entire truth. It may be your truth because you view the world from your level of consciousness.There are other worlds that overlap and surround and even interact with your reality, that you don't yet have the eyes to see. Time is an illusion. Every version of yourself exists in this now moment. You are a Multidimensional, eternal being. Your eyes are opening to new possibilities, as each and every one of you unravels hidden truths. When you are at your breaking point, collapse and surrender. Allow yourself to feel the dark, the ugly, the uncomfortable. You grow wings to soar higher the more you give yourself permission to grieve the loss of your old self and the world you once thought you knew. There is beauty in the breakdown."

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