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Collective Body Scan-Massive Wave of Throat Chakra Activations

Greetings Dear Ones. Can you feel the Collective Body make a drastic shift as everything not in alignment with truth and love continues to be brought to the surface to be exposed? The unraveling process is not a pleasant experience because everything being revealed to many Humans at this time in the planetary ascension process is often painful to receive and acknowledge.

You are experiencing a labor of love, as you individually and collectively push through and bravely release the shackles that have held your souls back for so long. Birthing a New Earth, although beautiful and freeing, is only able to come into fruition through an immense amount of blood, sweat, tears and an incredible amount of inner strength. The entire process is absolutely amazing to witness. Through so much darkness, you continue to hold the light.

It is true that your soul came to earth to feel, this is an important aspect of the human experience. Deeply feel every single emotion that washes over your tired vessel at this time and keep pushing through. We understand there is a whirlwind of emotions surging through each and every one of you and tugging at your heart strings in order to be purged. Release it all without judgment. When fear finally leaves the human body, Spirit can then thrive within. Can you feel time speeding up? Energy clearings within the human vessel quicken during the month of May due to the heightened energies.

We watch in amazement as a massive amount of humans step out of their comfort zones and begin to open (and activate) their throat chakras by speaking their truth. You may notice during this time frame; many humans will become involved in humanitarian activities that will forever transform the world as you know it. Many of you understand that you are the pioneers of New Earth and you are already implementing important changes in your personal lives, that help shift the entire collective body into higher states of consciousness. If you have something important to say, do not hold back because this only creates energetic blockages within your field. No matter what your stance is on an issue, your voice does need to be heard. You make a difference.

We invite you to share your talents and knowledge with those in need, and also with those who are new to the ascension experience. Generously reach out and help others who feel alone or misunderstood by others around them. Division seems to be very apparent at this time, due to all humans being at completely different levels of ascension. Connect and share your own journey with other humans, especially if you have embarked on your own awakening years prior. Support others who may be confused about what is occurring on a much larger scale. We know you have so much kindness, comfort, compassion and enlightenment to offer the world. Open your heart to others.

*Please note, I am clairaudient. The higher beings of light play the following song by the Foo Fighters "Times Like These", while relaying the above message:

It's times like these you learn to live again

It's times like these you give and give again

It's times like these you learn to love again

It's times like these time and time again

I, I'm a new day rising

I'm a brand new sky to hang the stars upon tonight...

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