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Message From The Angelic Realm-October 8, 2021

A strong message came through from the Angelic Realm early this morning, as we continue to move through the Collective Shadow period which directly impacts our individual lives in significant ways.

My ego had me convinced that because I am experiencing more and more of New Earth frequencies each day that I was somehow exempt from having another intense and life-changing dark night of the soul. Boy was I wrong. This journey continues to humble me and keep me heart-centered, instead of returning to Ego, as I have endured yet another Dark Night of the Soul this week, as my 3D reality changes drastically before my eyes. This new ego death stripped me down once again and I find myself standing at another crossroads in my life, right before one of the most powerful energy portals of 2021.

Can you feel the power behind these energies? How is your reality currently changing for the better and also for your highest good? We are in good hands!

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