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Personal Message-This Journey isn't all Love & Light

As a channel, I learn't early on with my work that I personally can't watch other lightworkers channeled messages. Especially before I am about to do an energy update on the collective. It somehow influences my mind (gets my ego going) and blocks my channel, therefore, the messages don't flow clearly for me, as I'm more in my working mind then my flow state and intuition, connected to Source.

Every so often though, I'll get nudges or signs from Spirit to stop, slow down with my own work and take a break to listen to other lightworkers wonderful messages and I really needed to come across this one day.

Lorie is a beautiful and highly evolved soul, she is a walk in, I believe and she's been bravely leading the starseed and lightworker collective for years prior, in preparation for the great awakening.

On May 3rd I was nervous to share the message attached that I received from the angelic realm, because well, it wasn't a pleasant one. It was an important one I knew, so after days of feeling unsure because it seemed very dark, my guides gave me the go ahead to share and I couldn't hold back. Today Lorie Ladd courageously shared the same message to the public, and I'm so proud of her for doing so! When you receive information like this, it is not only hard to stomach, let alone share with others!! As a starseed, the projection of fear, is never my goal or intention when I share knowledge, to assist you during these rocky times.

Believe me though when I say that this entire journey isn't all love and light...

Even though this evolution of consciousness journey is a miraculous one and will be the greatest thing you will ever experience in this lifetime, once you embark on your own ascension path, there is equally as much dark that you need to face and acknowledge at the same time as the bliss and love. These upcoming months will test many of you and break you down like you've never been tested before. I know there are a few of you on this facebook platform who are just about to take off and embark on your own ascension. Just know I feel your energy, I know where you are at and I'm always here for you...



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