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Remember...All Paths Lead Home

Collectively we've all been soaking and expanding in a pressure cooker for quite some time now. Eventually the energy has to be released in a grand explosion.

Can you feel the pressure rising?

Are you fired up?

If you haven't been sparked yet, you eventually will be!

In the mean time, BE KIND.

Experiencing higher levels of consciousness is NOT a hierarchy or superior place to be compared to those who are wrapping up karmic cycles, purging, clearing and healing very rapidly. Many humans have not even embarked on their journey yet! I'm being shown 68% of the collective body are currently awake to the higher process at play here and are currently moving through their ascension process.

Have compassion & patience for those around you, as everybody individually makes their necessary frequency shifts to level up and connect to the higher vibrations. This is required from all of us, as we make this massive transition together.

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