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"The Climb"-Collective Energy Update

"All living beings are on a slow and steady upward climb, making their way up, a long and rocky mountain side. After many years of a tiring but transformational journey, some humans are closer to the top than others, beginning to bask in the energies of the 5D/New Earth that move through the human body like the wind, constantly fluctuating, and changing direction as you raise in frequency.

Other humans have just begun to dig their feet into the rock and shale, slipping, sliding, reaching and grasping for something to hold onto. Those further along the path reach down the mountain cliff, offering a steady hand of support, helping to pull others along who might be struggling with the currently reality.

Furthermore, there are others who are not yet accepting of the fact that collectively, everyone is scaling the side of a mountain, that is leading you into a brand new world of magnificent change and possibilities. This group of humans still desperately try to hold on to a world beneath their feet that is quickly crumbling, no longer stable and cannot support them any longer. The time has come Dear Ones, to bravely climb. Let go of the world you once knew and hope to get back to. The old Earth is gone. Regardless, of where you are at on this journey, one must not look down upon the humans, at the lower heights of the mountain range, still struggling with the fact that they need to climb and effort in order to reach the most beautiful destination higher up on the mountain top.

Humans are currently experiencing the most intense climb of their life and you are heading to your destination, TOGETHER. We witness a strong illusion of separation and divide, but in our eyes, everyone is on the same mountain, no matter your level or height that you experience as you climb. The mountain is treacherous, you feel like you are climbing without the proper equipment. You stumble, trip, scrape your knees but every time you fall, you get back up again stronger than ever before, rising higher. We are extremely proud of all of you and how far you have come.

On this climb of a lifetime, you experience new worldly views. When you look out at the horizon from your current mountain perspective, love is all around you. You can see it in the golden rays of the sunset, you can hear it as birds happily chirp and fly past you and you can feel it if you sink into the silence, and allow the wind to gently brush up and mend your tired body. Yes, powerful being, love is indeed with you in every now moment, in rainbows, and rivers, floating with the clouds, in the beauty of the butterfly fluttering by. Breathe in the bliss, fully expanding your lungs and feel the freedom that is yours.

Give yourself permission to sit down often, not wanting to do the work and climb. Rest your body, reflect, mourn. Cry, tantrum, and scream like a child again. Release the rage that boils in your blood. On this unique evolutionary path, you are no longer in competition to see who gets to the top first. Everyone will reach the 5D destination whether it be in this life time or the next. Everyone is returning home.

It is normal to feel sadness and grieve the loss of a reality and an entire world that you thought you had mastered and understood so well. It is time to say goodbye. Your new destination is well worth the ascend that your soul has courageously chosen. In fact, there is a little bit of magic every step of the way, for a slight second, you just have to take your eyes off of those injured knees, bruised heart, sore feet and look around you. Can you see the rainbow guiding you to your sacred sanctuary?

Walking idols, gurus, and what the human would call a "celebrity, health expert or government official" do not exist in this new world. For it is time to let those labels go as well, kind and gentle soul. Nothing outside yourself is here to save you as the veil lifts, illusion collapses and you discover new truths. As you embark on this climb you finally make the decision to take full responsibility for yourself and your entire life. The days of pointing fingers, playing the blame game and victimhood have been left in the old world. The more you become enlightened, the more you are accepting of all views. You step into the shoes of another and you are able to see the world through their eyes. Nobody is superior, simply because of title, status or even education or wealth. Instead, you look over at your brother and sister trudging along beside you, and you say to them: "I see you, I love you, I am always here for you, until we reach the top. We are in this together. Let's not fear the steep cliff ahead, if we work together, guiding and supporting one another, we will shift and move onto the other side even quicker."

These past few days, the collective body of consciosuness has went through a massive shift TOGETHER. A congratulations is in store from the Higher Realms! They are very excited to watch us succeed, transform and anchor more high-vibrational light onto the earth plane.

If your ascension symptoms are really intense at the moment, remind yourself that your body is assisting you and becoming stronger every minute, of every hour, to be able to allow for your soul to reach much greater heights. Encourage your vessel to keep fighting through the hail, the rain and the constant storms. Don't give up. There is a waterfall ahead, where you will get to refuel and revive your thirsty body.

Remember, the steep incline and intensity, eventually shifts into a resting place, until you are physically, mentally and emotionally capable to continue to climb again. You are mastering the art of climbing and also becoming the ultimate master of your mind through the entire process.

Do you see how the rainbow moves all the way up the mountain, and even though we can't see the top yet, with each step of the way, the stunning colourful view is always available to you? Are you looking right through the rays of dancing light, focusing on the dark storm clouds or are you instead choosing to see all of the angelic colours of the rainbow? It is all about perception. You always have a choice in how you want to experience this incredible adventure."

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