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What is Influencing My Energy Field?

Our incredible bodies are clearing and releasing so much right now and when you become consciously aware of the process (after being asleep your whole life), the ascension journey can feel very overwhelming.

Most humans energy fields are congested, our bodies weighed down and this does affect our physical and mental health, as well as our overall well-being, including how energetic or vibrant we feel on a daily basis.

Understand that you are inherently powerful and you can work directly with your own bodies (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) and entire energy field, helping it do the necessary inner work as you heal and pull the fragments of your soul that have exited the body due to trauma, back into you to become whole, balanced and aligned again.

The number one practice I recommend to everyone is learning how to release all that is not you or that is not yours (ideas, feelings, emotions, learned behaviors) from your outer field, down to the inner cells vibrating within you. Do a full body cleanse, protecting your energy and utilizing divine source frequencies twice daily.

Consciously train yourself to cut and release energetic ties and cords to other peoples energy, and speak to your soul, calling back to you your own energy.

You DO have the ability to work through, learn from and ultimately dissolve all soul contracts and bonds to others, whether it be in this lifetime or past. This is an active choice you can make deciding to support yourself by doing frequent energy clearings each day, which surprisingly does speed up your purging process.

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