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Alchemy-Channeled Message From The Arcturians

"Greetings dear ones, we are pleased to connect with all of you, as you move through the greatest shift in human consciousness to ever occur on your planet, ushering in colossal change, enlightenment and New Earth. Everything that is taking place behind the scenes, and in and around you, may seem incomprehensible at times. Since the human body currently receives and absorbs the most substantial incoming light rays to date, it is quite possible that at this point in your personal awakening, that you no longer feel like your old self. You are more accepting of the new, understanding the importance of the act of surrendering, while fully embracing the unknown. The less you try to control your experience, the better. Understand that all of your bodies (beyond the physical), currently experience a system overload and enormous upgrade this week. You are being stimulated by heightened electrical activity, continuously releasing the old, and at the same time, obtaining downloads of higher level knowledge and information. We encourage your beloved soul to practice shifting your focus from pain, to pleasure, from feeling stuck and attached to your countless ascension symptoms, to instead, rising above them and transmuting these dense energies, through the process of alchemy. This critical personal achievement and inner mastery, which is quickly developing within you, will transcend you far beyond your current circumstances. Your MIND is your most Powerful tool, dear one. It is now time for you to remember the greatness that resides within. You run the show, and we sit back in amazement, watching many of you create and manifest your entire life experience, while you gradually gain access to countless, higher vibrational realities."

☆The Arcturian Medical Team & Brittnee (Ascension Guide & Divine Channel for New Earth)

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