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Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Do you have the gift of knowing something without knowing why?

Claircognizance, literally translated, means “clear knowing” — that feeling you get when you just know something without having any idea of how you know it. Your higher self or spirit guides are putting this information or ideas into your mind as a way of guiding you. You can also receive direct information from Source, during meditation or in dreams.

I receive claircognicance downloads multiple times daily, which is where I get my information and ideas for writing my articles, information and facts for my personal businesses, as well as, helpful information about other people that I'm connected to. I always have a notebook around, as I channel messages quickly and have to write them down immediately.

Some people like to keep a notepad and a pen near their bed so that if they are awakened by an amazing idea or thought in the middle of the night, they can jot it down before it’s forgotten. Authors and other creative writers, such as songwriters, often possess the gift of claircognicance and channel those ideas into their next book or hit song.

When an inspiration or creative thought just seems to appear as if out of nowhere, it may be your sense of claircognizance — a strong sense of knowing that goes beyond logic. It’s a highly intuitive gift, though sometimes its signs are subtle.

Do you possess this gift?!

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