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The Ripple Effect

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Like a single stone being dropped into water, creating a reaction or vibrational frequency of circular waves that project from the center point in space and time, the human heart has the same capability to spread ripples of high frequency love from ones’ heart center outward into the universe affecting everything and everyone. The energetic resonance in which the heart emits outward from the body, not only supports your own body by helping to raise its overall frequency but also helps to assist others around you on so many different levels.

Never underestimate the power that comes from within. Every single person on earth has the ability to move mountains, such as the capacity to shift timelines, with inner focus and honestly, very little effort from the working mind, as unconditional love is spread directly from your heart center. The miraculous capabilities of the heart are innate, infinite and ingrained in all of us, it simply takes time to remember how to re-connect with the heart space and work with it in order to change the world around you, as well as your current reality. With the power of your own mind, every individual soul can specifically mold and construct their current reality and the very timeline that they walk along, for the better and for their highest good.

A great majority of humans hold the false belief that their existence has no meaning or very little. It is a vicious (and exhausting) cycle of wake up, eat, work, sleep, pay your bills, chase material dreams, obey the system, drink your sorrows away to drown out your mediocre day, on repeat, day after day. Until, you are 80 years old and you wake up one morning, gazing deeply past your beautiful blue eyes, you finally have that a-huh moment, as you catch a glimpse of your divine soul. You regretfully ask yourself, what exactly have I accomplished with my very short time on earth?

Many people may feel as if they are in fact a tiny flea, clinging on for dear life, as they ride on the back of a wild, stray dog. Running in all different directions, chasing squirrels, then a bunny, wandering down unknown streets and endless fields that lead nowhere. The ride is turbulent, lonely and at some point, that tiny flea, on the back of the abandoned dog finally wonders at the end of the day, where are we to look for some nice, warm comfort food and perhaps a loving person to pick us up and take us home out of this cold and dark world?

There is a deep-rooted fear and anxiety that comes from this viewpoint, a fight or flight systemic response within the body, signaling to your heart and brain that you are unsafe, unloved, not in control of your destiny and ultimately, having that gut-wrenching feeling like you are lost. So many people are afraid to think, speak and act for themselves, from their own heart and stand in their own individual truth, that they rather continue to ride on the backs of estranged animals, depending on corrupt worldly systems to drag them through muddy water and relying on external sources to get them through life. I can assure you that this is not the way we are meant to live. We were meant to live for so much more, have we lost ourselves? Unfortunately, a great majority have lost their way.

The truth of the matter is, nobody is coming to save you, you are meant to save yourself. You will be the miraculous soul that grabs your own cold, wet hand and with strength and a sense of direction, swims safely back onto land, as your life boat disappears into the deep, dark abyss. As you let this sink in, imagine your two feet planted firmly on the ground and feel the gentle earth beneath your feet, calming the cells of your body. Immediately, this simple act of grounding brings you overall tranquility, and a sense of internal calm finally returns to your once confused and frantic headspace.

Realize that you can make the personal choice to get off of that topsy-turvy, swirling, spinning teacup ride that you have been riding for some time now, with your two feet on the earth, standing sturdy, steadfast and tall, unaffected by the chaos that surrounds your tender heart and soul. You comprehend that the ride will continue for you (until the day you die), if you don’t take personal control. Instead of demanding to get off of the spinning teacup ride, repeating the same cyclical patterns, take the leap of faith. Jump off and free yourself, take over the control panel and shut down the entire system once and for all.

In a healthy and loving way, that serves your soul and connects you back to your heavenly self, unplug from the news, social media, celebrity platforms and the world around you at this moment in time. The media outlets around you are there to control you, whether you have dabbled with this concept yet or not. You will continue to be a victim in this world, watching outside sources such as the news, who keep tossing you propaganda, fear and hate, until you make the final choice to turn away.

It is not about the pandemic, who is wearing a mask and who is not, nor is it about Biden or Trump and who is going to save the nation, in fact, it has never been about any of these external paradigms or forces at play. If your mind is constantly polluted with these thought forms, now is the time to rise above them. This is your wake-up call. You are the only person who is going to be the one who saves your world, your nation and your life. Yes, you. The teeny, tiny blip in the universe, you. Your actions, your behaviors, your thoughts, what you allow yourself to see with your two eyes, your words, your voice…your choice. Open your mind, allow it to expand wide and consider all view points, every possibility in this world, and most importantly, unlock your heart space.

Opening our heart space for the first time can be a very frightening, vulnerable and intimidating experience because it is such a foreign concept to most people, as life, relationships and the human experience itself force it to close so often. Like a wounded warrior, when we are hurt, feel rejected, are not heard or seen by others, or have experienced a series of traumatic events throughout our life (pain, loss, abuse), energetically, the heart energy center builds up a protective suit of armor, a barrier or wall. This in turn signals to the brain that your environment is unsafe and your body responds by being in a constant state of fight or flight mode. As you know, being in a constant state of flight, anxiety and fear, releases a series of stress hormones, which in the long run can create disease or serious health consequences within the human body.

The more you revisit trauma or experience the emotions of suffering and lack on a daily basis, the human vessel begins to recognize this state of mind and constant way of being as the new baseline to function from. When we are not centered and balanced in our heart, for example, if we are not constantly sharing, giving and in turn receiving and accepting love, joy, abundance, unity, forgiveness, peace and grace into our energetic space or auric field, it can have significant and negative effects on our health and overall well-being.

Since our brains and hearts are linked by a series of nerves, it is important for us to recognize that when you ultimately open your heart to feel the love around you and completely surrender to love, this has a profound effect on your entire system, completely rewiring not only your immune system but it creates homeostasis and a new baseline for the body’s survival systems. It is similar to wrapping yourself up in a toasty, warm blanket on a cold winters day, watching and listening to the fire crackle in front of you. You sit there relaxed, comforted and peaceful, recognizing that because you resonate love (you not only embody it but energetically it is consistently wrapped around you) and you are open to receiving it as well, that you are forever safe.

Once you grasp the concept that because the heart and brain communicate directly with one another, maintaining a constant feedback pattern, you will soon realize that if you always operate from a place of love, you are signaling to your overall system that you are safe and always will be, no matter how many cold and icy snow storms surround you on a dark winters night, you know that you will not be affected by them anymore. You have discovered the shelter of love, the protective barrier from the all too often projected toxicity and darkness of the outside world.

Now that we understand how powerful living from our heart space is, instead of always focusing all of our attention on our brain with its constant mental chatter, we can practice on a daily basis, learning to live and operate from our hearts own intelligence system and encourage ourselves to be in a constant state of gratitude, trust, appreciation, joy, kindness, freedom and unity. It is evident that the very culture we belong to has thrived on separation and chaos for thousands of years, and to this day, the system still encourages endless and unnecessary suffering among humans through elevated emotions such as hate, fear, greed, lack and division.

This takes place through promotion and acceptance of wars, global politics, creating entertainment industries that encourage stress responses within the human body system, tragic Shakespearian screen plays, and pornography industries, that from an energetic level, induce lower vibrational behaviors and give life to mismanaged emotions. Suddenly, just like that, the human is back in their headspace, anxious and confused because they are no longer operating from their center.

Simply being aware of how corrupt the outer world can be and understanding how quickly you can be pulled from a place of love, suddenly finding yourself pointing fingers and easily angered by your beloved neighbor, because he voted for a different candidate than you in the current election, is key. Perhaps a loved one has lied to you and suddenly, your unconditional love for them has turned nasty and you spiral out of control, as you radiate from your core a vibrational frequency of significant mistrust. Yet again, you leave your center and the hearts walls go back up.

The wonderful news is we now have the resources and information available to us to always strive for and achieve healthier relationships and lifestyles, which satisfy and serve our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. We also have a much greater awareness of external forces at play, that mess with our emotions and induce fear in the human. Instead of acting out of division in these upcoming weeks and months, we can learn to change that lower vibrational emotional response of finger pointing and fear, into an experience that energizes our souls, connects us back to each other and opens everyone’s hearts.

How do we bring ourselves back into our hearts and allow our sacred centers to open up wide again? We must follow our breath, and focus on our inhales and exhales. As we breathe in love from the atmosphere and other loving humans around us, we exhale all of the pent-up anger, hate, sadness, chaos, depression and allow for it all to leave our human form once and for all. Repeat, until you feel lighter.

You can also imagine a bright, emerald green light emanating from the center of your chest and every time you think about somebody or come across them in a physical setting, you can imagine transferring the powerful bright, green light energy into their energy field and connecting your energy straight to their heart. As your hearts connect on an energetic level, not only do both of your auras or energy fields expand significantly, the power of the love that you two have shared with each other is so potent that it can be transferred to the entire world. You have created a positive ripple effect for all of humanity to share and thrive on. It is that simple!

Unity, wholeness and human connection is achievable when each individual starts to take responsibility for their unique energetic vibration that they project from their body. Recognizing when you are sad, or perhaps when you feel angry or jealous of another person, and automatically learning to shift those emotions and thought forms back to love, is a skill that we all must learn.

What is being expressed here, is that we do not want to cover up our emotions or our human reactions to certain worldly outcomes. Instead, we must all be aware of when we have left our heart space and acknowledge when it has become closed off to others. Now more than ever before, is a wonderful time for all humans to make a conscious effort to start creating individual ripple effects that will change our world for the greater good of everyone. After all, when our hearts are open, we are more patient, loving, kind, intuitive, present, forgiving and more connected to each other. This is the way life is supposed to be, as we were never meant to criticize or look down on other human beings, in fact, we are designed to be one with all.

Finally, as a sovereign and powerful being, learning to keep your heart open, when life tells you to shut it down and close it off to everything and everyone, is one of the most courageous and charitable things you can do during this time. Your heart is not only the command center of the body and brain, but it acts as your inner compass. It will always tell you which way to go and what to do next, as you navigate this incredible life and absolutely miraculous and exciting time to be alive on the earth plane. Let today be the day that everyone starts to fully accept and celebrate one another.

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