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Healing of The Emotional Body

One of my absolute favorite areas of the body and human energy to heal is the emotional body, which is directly linked to the human pleasure center, also known as the sacral chakra. This week, many of my channelings and healing info will be dedicated to helping you find bliss within yourself, connecting back to pleasure and learning to embrace your sensual side.

Many humans naturally purge from this area currently, but of course, you can help your body along by learning emotional discipline through simply observing your feelings rather than constantly acting on them (which feeds the ego), or fearing them. Emotions are similar to the wind, feel them deeply, accept them and let them flow through you.

Where we are all going, and that is into much higher states of consciousness, humans can no longer run and hide from our feelings or bury them deep down. Ask yourself today, “how healthy is my emotional body at this moment in time? Do I openly accept and confidently express how I feel, standing fearlessly observing my emotions, or am I scared of feeling too much or too deeply?”

Strong emotions scare a lot of people, but this is one of the major fears and areas of the energy field that many humans are actively improving and healing during this time frame. You are returning to your naturally blissful state of unconditional love!

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