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Current Energy Report-October 20, 2020

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Incoming high frequency waves of light energy continue to penetrate the earth plane, including everything and everyone.

This past week especially, the energetic frequencies have increased significantly, compared to past few months. They will continue to remain high and many will start to feel the intensity or become aware of it. Do not worry, if you do not feel anything yet. Everyone evolves at different stages.

Now is the time to listen to what your body needs. Everyone feels the influxes, activations and downloads differently in the body.

Some feel extremely exhausted and lethargic at this time, while others feel like they are buzzing with energy. While some people are sleeping much deeper, with lucid dreams, others will experience little to no sleep at night or may have interrupted sleep patterns and very restless sleep.

Common times for activations, downloads and healing occur between 3-5am, so if you are wide awake during these hours, you are feeling the powerful energy. We are all being worked on and going through huge changes while we sleep.

During the day however, you may feel so exhausted that you cannot keep your eyes open. This is normal. Again, listen to what your body needs!

I want to emphasize the importance of treating your body like a temple right now. It is going through so many transformations at the moment, down to the cellular level, in order to help you hold much higher frequencies of light.

Proper rest (please DO call in sick to work if you feel wiped), lots of naps and down time. Please up your water intake and proper fuel and nutrition is required to support your physical vessel, so it can function optimally at this time.

Slow your life down if you can and put all of your focus on YOU. Placing your undivided attention on yourself and your own energy, will make the shift and transition period a lot easier.

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