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Eyes to See

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Having my eyes open to other realities, gaining the ability to see beyond what we see with our two eyes and dancing back and forth between the different realms, has been so life-changing, enlightening and a true gift. I often imagine where I'd be now if I wasn't forced to change my life for the better. You see, I was very black and white, viewing the world with a very narrow mind and "know it all mentality", before the Universe literally forced me to put my life on hold and slow down, in order to start looking within myself for lifes answers, instead of always seeking advice and validation from outside sources.

Ascension for me, was not only a complete and utterly, life-shattering and painful ego death, but a death of my old body that was no longer serving my hungry, vibrant soul, waiting for the right time to burst out of the shadows, where it had been hidden my entire life.

With the death of my overthinking, overstimulated, overtaxed, controlled and manipulated mind, ultimately, came a rebirth of my entire mind, body and soul. Giving birth to a brilliant mind, one that had always been available to me, but buried and weighed down by toxic sludge, not only from my physical environment but also by my personal attitude and the way in which I viewed the world. I played the victim card very well, prior to my awakening.

Everything bad happened to poor ol' Brittnee. But little did I know at the time, that the very thoughts that I believed were serving me, and the words that I spoke about myself and other people, literally created my negative reality. Before I got sick with Oxalate Toxicity, while pregnant with my son, I was running around a mile a minute, chasing money, a career and obsessed with my looks, health and fitness. I was serving my ego identity and at the end of the day, only really cared about myself and my own success and reputation.

I was competitive and quick to judge others, and had no idea what self-love even meant. Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the things that I mentioned above out of life, but deep down I was seriously unhappy and craving something more. I always knew that I was meant to do so much more with my life. I knew deep down I had a much bigger calling, but couldn't quite wrap my finger around it yet.

It took a wake up call for me, living in chronic pain, watching my physical body deteriorate to 98 pounds, losing my ability to walk, and not being physically capable of taking care of my new born son, in order to be catapulted into a completely new life and a brand new timeline. I used to think I was given a second chance at life but now, four years into the ascension journey, I realize that this was my soul plan and contract all along.

On this new timeline, I am aligned with Source/God/Universe, my higher self, and connected not only to my personal spirit guides but other higher angelic beings of light. I am not special or unique, in fact I am the exact same as you, we come from the same place and end up in the same space, when our soul embarks from our body upon death. You also have an absolutely brilliant mind that is meant to serve you in this life and a powerful intuition waiting to be born as well. It is your birth right to be able to raise your consciousness and have access to everything beyond our current 3D reality.

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